My Tummy Hurts. I Don’t Feel Well.

My tummy hurt all of the time and I didn’t feel well. I ate everything I could find, even crayons and hand sanitizer but nothing helped me feel better. I just wanted to sleep and not feel hungry anymore.

Then my mommy took me to see a special tummy doctor. She needed some of my blood and it hurted a little bit but it was okay. The doctor lady said I should not eat some foods. They were making my tummy hurt and making me sick.

My mommy bakes and cooks lots of foods for me and my tummy is so happy now. Sometimes my tummy still hurts but that’s cause I eated something I shouldn’t. I am so glad I saw the special doctor. I really like her. I see her again next week. The doctor and my mommy work as a team to help me be healthy and my tummy be happy.

Mommy says I have something called celiac disease. She says I can’t eat soy, dairy or gluten. I don’t know what that means but I do know that fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice and meat make me feel super good!

My mommy is really good at helping other mommies and kids feel better. Check out her website at and she can help you feel better too!


Isabella, age 3


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