Dietary Dilemma

Teenage girl praying outdoors at twilight. Shallow DOF.

Are you a chronic dieter? Are you tired of feeling tired and stressed? Do you just want to have some someone “take” 20 or 30 pounds from you or 50 points off your cholesterol score? Would you love to have plastic surgery so that you can have that dream nose or perkier breasts? Well, you are not alone.

Approximately 50 million Americans go on a diet each year yet only 5 percent keep the weight they’ve lost off. According to the CDC, more than 102 million American adults have high cholesterol. About 1 in 5 Americans suffer from anxiety or depression and 85% of us have low self-esteem. Why do you think this is?

It is believed that the reasons many of us, me included, suffer from these “diseases” is because we have too much stress in our lives. So, what can we do to reduce our stress and live healthier, happier lives?

The steps are actually pretty simple.

1.) Stop dieting. Yes, you heard me. Stop dieting and promise to never diet again! Dieting has great short term benefits, but many result in long-term diseases.

2.) Unplug. Yes, that’s right. I know that it’s hard. But you need to turn off your iPhone, your computer, your pager, your television, etc. Try spending time with people face to face rather than in cyberspace. It’s amazing how this simple activity will reduce your stress. Honestly, I have a hard time doing this since I am self-employed. So I’ve set hours when it’s okay to be on the computer and hours when the computer must be off. My family is great at keeping me honest.

3.) Quiet time. Now that you’re unplugged, spend some time with yourself. Meditate, pray, journal or go for a slow walk in nature.

4.) Movement. Our bodies need to move. This is the hardest one for me but this is my goal for May: to attend a class at least 5 times per week to get my body moving and my heart rate up as well as strengthening my muscles.

5.) Get support. It’s so much easier to set goals and then meet those goals if we have an accountability partner. I offer both a 6-month and 3-month program that empowers people to achieve the life that they only dream about. You will love the person you see in the mirror, sleep more soundly, have stronger relationships, and will feel more fulfilled. If this interests you, please email me for more details at I offer telephone consultations or face to face meetings. Also, please visit my website:

To a healthier and happier life!


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