Confessions of an Exercise Dodger

Okay so I know that I’m supposed to be this amazing example of health and wellness at all times since I’m a health coach by trade. But I really hate to exercise! 

I haven’t exercised in months and I’ve got a ton of fabulous excuses but I recently had my physical and my cholesterol is scary high so off to the Y I go….

This time I decide to try something new. My own self is not enough to get my butt out the door so I looked online and found a site called MeQuilibrium. I love their approach because they address my bad attitude and lack of motivation as well as my lack of an exercise plan.

I am heading to the Y for Zumba Toning at 12:30 PM. I took this class a couple of times and loved it but my anxieties and negative self-talk got the best of me. You see, I’m not very rhythmic so I’m sure that I looked like a raving lunatic. That and I was so red when I was done and it’s kind of lunch time… As if I need to eat! 

I will post later and let you know how it went. But using the MeQuilibrium plan is amazing so far – I am dressed and excited about going! Image


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