Tacos, again? Really?!?

ImageI am so sick and tired of tacos!!! We’ve been eating tacos every Tuesday for at least two months now. I swear, if I eat one more taco, I’m going to scream! Have you ever felt this way? What are you sick of eating?

Once the sun starts poking its head out of the never ending clouds here in the Pacific Northwest, I begin to crave lighter, healthier fare. Only this year is different. My 3-year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease and is allergic to dairy and soy on top of the no gluten so cooking has become more complex.

But, you know what? I’m actually enjoying cooking more! Crazy, right? I’ve found some great resources and recipes. One resource that I can’t do without is www.livingwithout.com. Their website had an awesome “where do I begin” section for those with celiac.

As a health coach, I’ve got a large section on my website dedicated to allergy-free recipes so please check it out! 🙂 Also, if you like my new Facebook page by 5 PM (PST) tomorrow, May 3rd you will be placed in the drawing for a year’s subscription to one of my two favorite magazines: “Eating Well” and “Cooking Light.”

It’s a beautiful day! I’m off to play group and then a park with my little one. Enjoy.


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