Scratch Test or Elimination Diet?


Why did I let my daughter’s doctor talk me into this? What was I thinking? What a waste!

Today I spent 2 hours at the allergist’s office with my 3-year old. She has celiac disease and both dairy and soy upset her stomach leading to disgusting diarrhea and painful stomach cramps. My doctor insisted that she had to have a “scratch test” to confirm that she truly has an allergy.

However, after a negative “scratch test” panel, the allergist told me that by following the elimination diet, I would get more accurate results. When I explained that I had done an elimination diet with my daughter in January of this year which is what led me to remove dairy, soy and gluten from her diet, his next question really ticked me off. He said, “So why are you here?”

Really!?! If he knew that I didn’t need to go through this, why didn’t our referring doctor who is a GI specialist? I would have thought that she would know better but clearly I was mistaken! Doctors are generally very educated and aware of the best practices and the research that supports each facet of a patient’s care so I was floored. Next time I will ask more questions before following blindly.

That said, if you are concerned that a specific food is upsetting your child, please contact me and I will guide you through my simple elimination diet and re-introduction program that is kid- and family-friendly. If you are interested, please contact me via email at or complete the contact form on my website for a free consultation:

To an Allergy-Free Lifestyle,
Emily Gamache


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