Negativity is so Strong

Why do we place so much weight on the negative? It is easy for us to dwell on criticisms that we receive. We take these hostile, frequently untrue statements to heart and make them part of ourselves.

Yet, when we are paid a compliment, it is so hard to accept.

I recently cut my hair – 5 inches as a matter of fact. For months I had kept my hair in a bun or ponytail so it was out of my way. I finally decided that I needed a change so I got a modified bob with wispy bangs. I haven’t had bangs in years and I lovemy new doo.

Many friends have complimented the new look but one person mentioned that they were sad to see my long tresses gone. This one minor editorial out-shined all of those glowing praises and I found myself in a tail spin of self-doubt. Luckily, I have some tools that righted my course promptly.

Do you allow negative comments to send you into a tail spin? What does your inner voice say to you? Is she your cheerleader or condemner? Would you like to change your outlook and have a more positive vision of yourself and the world around you?

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Happy Tuesday!
Positive Negative


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