Quick and Yummy Chicken Salad

After a long day outside in the sun enjoying a local park complete with spray pad and sand lot, I’m finally sitting down in front of my computer. So, if you’re like me and even busier once the sun comes out and the kids are free from school, here’s a quick and yummy recipe the kiddos will even dig into!

Quick and Yummy Chicken Salad
1 cup leftover cooked chicken
1/4 cup organic [gluten-free] mayonnaise
1/3 cup chopped celery
1/4 cup dried cranberries

Lay cooked chicken on a cutting board and using a food chopper (Pampered Chef is my favorite), cut into small bits. Place chicken in a glass mixing bowl.

Now use the same food chopper to mince the celery and pour on top of your chicken.

Add 1/4 mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. Finally, add the cranberries and blend them well.

Spoon onto a bed of spinach or spread on your favorite bread or rice cake. Yum!

Makes 3 sandwiches and travels well if you’ve got blue ice or a small cooler.


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