So Grateful

Last week my 3-year old daughter and I visited Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington to meet with a nutritionist to discuss my daughter’s health and well-being. As a health coach, you would think that I’d be walking in totally confident and feeling like this was a huge waste of my time.

But I wasn’t. This is my daughter who has struggled with eating and digestion issues from the day she came to us at 6 weeks of age. I was terrified. All of these thoughts were racing through my head – what have I done wrong? What is she eating that she shouldn’t be? What am I not including in her diet?

It was an amazing appointment. I felt as if I were actually teaching the dietitian a few things. She kept saying, I don’t often meet with a mom where I can say, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing great!

Diagnosed just months ago with celiac disease – a disease that prevents a person from absorbing the nutrients in food and damages your intestines – my daughter had no vitamin or mineral deficiencies. But the very biggest marker was something called CRP which measures the level of inflammation in your body. According to the dietitian it typically takes years to get the inflammation resolved – my daughter’s CRP levels are normal!

This is an absolute miracle! Yes, we have removed all food products containing gluten from our home and we take cross-contamination seriously but most parents in this same situation take these steps. I credit it to a combination of changes that I made to her supplement regimen coupled with a strong faith in God and our constant prayers for our daughter’s healing.

God is SO good! Our daughter is living proof.

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