Connections are Key


Connections are key for happiness and health. I am not talking about social media such as Facebook and Twitter. I am discussing friendships and connections that are in person…

There is something very affirming when you sit beside someone you care about. I had a dear neighbor in this morning so we could chat and catch up while our children played. I realized how rarely I have been having friends over this past year. I could come up with a lot of reasons and excuses but why waste time with all that?

My birthday is coming up and I like to create “resolutions” when I reach another milestone. I will have friends over more often this next year. I love having people over but usually my anxiety over my house not being picture perfect in terms of order and cleanliness gets the best of me. I will try to let the perfectionist in me take a holiday.

Meeting more of my neighbors has been one of the best things about my son attending kindergarten. We all stand and wait for the bus with the kids in the morning so we get a chance to chat. I treasure these brief interludes of adult interaction.

As my youngest heads off for 2 mornings of preschool this fall, I am salivating at the thought of true adult-only time. And trust me, I am not planning on using that time in front of my computer. I will be using it to make new connections and to strengthen the existing connections that I already have.

Did you know that giving someone a hug or spending time with friends can help you lose weight and reduce your blood pressure? It can, really because it improves your sense of self-worth and reduces your stress.

So the next time your spouse gives you a dirty look for wanting to attend Mom’s Night or a Girls’ Weekend, just mention that your health bills and trips to the doctor will decrease. Bonding is a necessity for all human beings.

Who do you want to connect with? Are you missing someone in particular? Is there a social group you’ve wanted to join? Share your ideas with me. I will pick one person’s comment and you’ll receive a free brochure full of fun and easy tips for living a healthier and happier life this summer.

Well, I am heading out the door with my daughter to see who wants to play or walk to our neighborhood park. Turn off your computer for a chance and join me.


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