Off the Grid

Off the Grid

I listened to Howard Lyman speak today. Alternative energy sources caught my attention in his talk. I have always dreamed of living off the grid. How about you? What is your dream?

I would love to live in a place where I could erect wind turbines and have solar panels. It would be so cool to use rain water for washing dishes and clothes rather than paying for municipal water. This is so far from my current reality – suburbia where my nearest neighbor is ten feet from my kitchen window.

Why do I want to live off the grid? What are the benefits? Well, I guess for me it’s the pioneering spirit I’ve inherited. I love the idea of having some open land with a huge organic garden – ten times as big as the one we’ve got now. Freedom from utility companies, reduced energy costs, less risk of weather-related power outages, increased environmental awareness and the ability to leave a smaller carbon footprint are all wonderful benefits for this type of lifestyle.

I want to leave this planet a healthier, more sustainable planet when I die than when I was born. I remember the ad campaign with the Native American on horseback and a tear running down his cheek because of the garbage on the ground. Our environmental issues have become so much greater since then.

Here are some terrific resources if you’re interested in learning more about living off the grid:


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    • Thank you, Albert Campi! I have published a link to your website. I can’t wait to dig in! Sincerely, Emily Gamache, Certified Health Coach at Organics with Emily

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