Family Fighting

My 3-year old can be so adorable but then are days and she can be a total handful. Today was a day where I must have added 100 grey hairs to my head!

The day began when I was in the shower and she came into the bathroom stating she wanted to make ice cream. I (stupidly-just woke up, not totally thinking yet!) told her that Daddy and I had made ice cream last night and she could have some in the afternoon.

5 minutes later she was back in the bathroom singing the praises of the delicious dairy-free chocolate ice cream. She had decided a taste test was in order. Luckily, she did mention that she had put said ice cream back in the freezer and shut the door. Okay…

She sat down with my 6-year old son to listen to a story on our iPad. Deep breath – a bite of dairy-free ice cream is not a big setback. Om…. God, please guide me in parenting my daughter this morning…

Perhaps it was the wrong prayer, I don’t know. But when I looked up after rinsing the soap out of my hair, my son was alone on the my bed. I asked where his sister was and got the customary shrug. Typical. Another deep breath – happy place, joy, grace of God and all of that. Do you think you could go find your sister, please?

This time my son returned with a very grim face. He announced that said daughter had pushed a dining room chair up to the kitchen counter and then climbed up to the very top shelf in our upper cupboards in order to retrieve a tiny candy cane for herself. I have not had a chance to research whether or not these candy canes have gluten in them, but I’m sure they’re processed in a gluten-filled factory. Trying to push down the panic and thoughts of – oh no, what is this going to mean. My son, thankfully, opens his hand to reveal 2 unopened candy canes. Breathe – thank you Jesus, God will protect her, find your happy place…

She has since taken the diaper off a friend who came for a play date (eeww), drank a sip of her brother’s milk, run out in front of moving cars in the grocery store parking lot, and ripped some pages out of a library book.

My husband will not be home for over an hour.

I am at my wit’s end… So, I decided to vent to you all via my computer. It has been more than helpful. I am glad that I prayed today. Perhaps the Lord is testing me to ensure that I remain steadfast and focused on Him. Okay, God, that’s enough for now! Do you think I might possibly get a break? I’m exhausted.

What do you do when you’re stressed and the kids are having a bad day or everything that could possibly go wrong does? I want to hear from all of you.

Reply and email me by 5 PM on Thursday, June 20th and I will provide you with some excellent healthy snack recipes!


2 thoughts on “Perspective

    • I’ve been there. Luckily, these days I don’t feel like I’m losing control of my emotions or faculties… I just find the need to breathe, pray and get some perspective before continuing or responding. 🙂

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