The 90/10 Rule



People often think that when changes are made to their diet or eating habits and styles they must be strict and there are a lot of nevers. Personally, I think that’s what gets us in trouble.

I know for myself that strict rules are what cause me to rebel and feel guilty. Then I just give up. I rationalize that if I messed up once and ate that doughnut, the “damage” is irreversible and I should just give up. I know I will be weak again – I just don’t have the willpower so why try? 

The vicious cycle of self-destruction is my worse enemy. Do you feel that way too? I went to lunch with my moms’ club today and we had dessert – delicious, rich, creamy, fatty, sugary dessert. First, my mind said, “you shouldn’t have any – there are so many calories and so much fat and sugar. It’s so unhealthy.” Then my self-indulgent, naughty self said, “hell, go ahead, have some pie. It’s not going to kill you!” The other part of my brain fought back, “or is it?!” 

Do you have these internal struggles with your conscience over food? I think we all do. Finally, my rational brain woke up (she must have been napping) and said – remember the 90/10 rule? 

I love this rule. The gist of it is this – unless something makes you really sick or endangers your health in a serious way (for example, a person with celiac or cancer), you should eat healthy whole foods ninety percent of the time. The other ten percent of the time you can splurge – have a piece of raspberry creme pie, a small bag of Doritos or a single scoop ice cream cone.

Notice that I am not suggesting that you eat the entire pie, family size bag of chips, or a gallon of ice cream! I understand that is tempting but this is where willpower comes in and belongs. I did forgo the pie today because I remembered that I have already splurged this week – a hot dog and small bag of chips at my church’s family night was sufficently “bad” so I’m going to stick with the healthier options. 

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