Celiac, coaching and crap


Who am I?

I am a 47 year old stay-at-home mom, Christian and certified holistic health coach. My children are 6 years old and 3 years old. 

Why health coaching?

My husband and I adopted my daughter when she was 6 weeks old. She was a “failure to thrive” which means that she was not gaining weight. She was vomiting up most of the formula she was given. The rest was going straight through her. It was very scary. 

My daughter would not be here today if it weren’t for an angel named Zoe who donated over 200 ounces of her breast milk to my daughter. Zoe truly saved her life! After the breast milk, my daughter’s health improved. She gained weight and her development was within the normal range if not a little advanced. 

Fast forward to one year ago, she was not potty trained but she was not yet three years old. I wouldn’t have worried about the potty training except for the fact that she really wanted to be potty trained. She was obsessed, in fact, but just couldn’t get the hang of it for some reason. She was also super thin and not gaining weight or getting taller. She had undigested food in her poop [there was a lot of crap and still is!] and constantly complained that her stomach hurt. She was also sleeping 15 to 17 hours per day.

I was seeing a holistic health coach and we started talking about her education. I was fascinated – it sounded so cool! Perhaps, I thought, this could help my daughter.

In December of 2012, I heard a doctor lecture about digestive diseases. She talked about celiac disease in detail and by the end I was convinced that my little one had celiac. I just have to say, this is NOT something that you want someone you love to have. It’s an ugly disease and I’ve come to see more of its ugly mug than I ever wanted to…

Each day is a new beginning – trying to ensure that she is getting all of the nutrients and micro-nutrients that she needs as well as keeping her safe from gluten/wheat contamination. We’ve removed all gluten (except for a loaf of bread) from our kitchen and home – no standard shampoos or cleaning products, no basic soaps or sprays. 

My daughter “got glutened” several weeks back so she’s in the throes of not feeling well — the gluten caused internal bleeding so her intestines tightened to stop the bleeding which then led to severe constipation. She is anemic, her white blood cell count is elevated and she is not producing new red blood cells. 

I love writing this blog and sharing thoughts about health and wellness in all areas of our lives. 


Thank you for sharing your opinion!

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