Puke, peanut butter and parenting


So, we tried to go camping yesterday at Mount Rainier.

We’ve owned a travel trailer for years which is great as you’ve got your own bathroom and kitchen. A perfect little cabin on wheels. But then we took the course “Financial Peace University” and decided to sell our trailer in order to payoff debt. It was the right thing to do. 

This spring we purchased a large tent so that we could continue to camp which is a favorite family activity. It’s large enough that you can stand up in it and we figured there would be plenty of room for all of our gear. We found the air mattresses and sleeping bags that had been gathering dust on a shelf in the garage and got packing this past week.

The kids were up early, the cooler was packed solid with hamburger patties, eggs, Udi’s whole grain bread and other perishable sundries any gluten-free family family can’t live without.

So, it took longer to get to our destination due to construction work and many bathroom breaks which just occur with 2 youngsters.

We got there, got the tent put up and then started to lay out the food and the remainder of the camp to serve some lunch. The first thing we realized that we forgot was my daughter’s peanut butter. You see, the only “glutened” food we keep in our house is bread so we’ve got separate peanut butter – one pure and one contaminated… Looks like we forgot the pure one. Then we went searching for her Udi’s bread and guess what?! Yep. We forgot that too. Doh! I expected to keep my little one going on peanut butter sandwiches 3 days in a row while we were up here. Please know, this is not the norm…

So, we piled everyone back in the car to go in search of a gluten-free cracker or bread and some pure peanut butter. Realize, we are in a very rural part of Washington state and their idea of fine cuisine is Bar S franks and hoagie buns!

Slightly over an hour later and we’d hit pay dirt: Quaker rice cakes and peanut butter. Yes! We immediately donned the plastic spoon and smeared said peanut butter over a couple of cakes and passed them to our poor little one who had eaten some mandarin oranges and a cereal bar for sustenance. As we were driving back, she started to complain her head hurt. I assumed it was just the sun shining in her window that was bothering her. Stupid mommy…

We drove back to the campsite, knowing we’d arrive just in time to make dinner. So much for sightseeing today… 

Got back, little one had to use the facilities so the hubby took her (good man!) and I started prepping for dinner. On their way back, just before our site, she took a spill and a sharp rock gouged the hell out of her poor hand. 

Lots of comforting, soap and water (back at the bathroom) and 3 band-aids later and she was chilling with me on a rock when back up came everything she’d eaten since mid-morning. Oh puke!

So, we decided to call it a trip, take down the tent, repack the car and head for home. The mosquitoes were everywhere so I put the little sicko in the car but she didn’t want to be alone so I sat with her while my awesome 6 year old and his dad worked hard at getting everything else repacked. As we were sitting in the car the little bit of water that I’d given her post-puke came back up to… Yeah, right decision to go home.

Today, little one has very little appetite but otherwise seems “fine.” We’re all bummed that we’re here and not at the mountain but the thought of vomit covered sleeping bags was more than this mom could bare. 

Could have stayed if we had the trailer complete with bathroom and kitchen. Selling the trailer was the right thing to do. I don’t miss it all. Sniff…

My morning musing today: the BRAT diet of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast kind of works for celiacs, except for the toast – what do you eat when you are recovering from an upset stomach or flu? 



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