Parenting, Perceptions and Peace

This past weekend we went on an awesome camping trip – best weekend of the year! An adoption group that we belong to meets at a local recreation area complete with beach, lighthouse, playground and meadow. We all join together for a potluck and s’mores as well as some R&R at the beach for the younger kids and a 10-mile hike for the older, more adventurous teens. 

It really hit me this year how much our group resembles a junior United Nations. One of the other moms and I were commenting that if only the world leaders were here for just a several hours, perhaps their perspectives would change. These children don’t care about religion or diet or skin color; they care simply about getting along and sharing a lot of laughter. There were some minor altercations, of course, but they were all resolved peacefully. I wish we could say that for our country’s involvement in their foreign affairs…

What if the world were more like our camping trip where we all shared one water source (oh yeah, technically, we do!) and what if we all cared about everyone being well-fed, tended to medically and loved? Wouldn’t life be amazing?

My son used to ask every year why we couldn’t all just live in one gigantic house. To him, that’s what heaven looks like. And you know, I agree with him. It’s wonderful having so many parents and children and we’re all tending to each other together without any concern for monetary reimbursement or recognition – just knowing that our part improves the greater good…. 

What is your vision of heaven? Your dream of an ideal world? Shouldn’t we all hope for an expect a more balanced existence here on this earth? 



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