Family Time


One of my favorite things about this summer is family time. I’m not sure how it happened exactly, but we seem to have more time in the evenings for family time and we all LOVE it! 

Monday night was LEGO® building night where we each built our own creation. Then last night we played one of our favorite card games. It’s called “Sleeping Queens” and is supposed to be for kids ages 8 and up but if we all have our cards face up so we can help our 3-year old, then everyone can play. 

We’ve gone to the park and played “Lava Monster” together, had family movie night and played rousing games of hide-and-seek or have just hung out in the backyard and eaten snacks from our organic garden.

It doesn’t matter what you do during family time as long as everyone unplugs and enjoys one another. We’re all so recharged and happy afterwards. It’s been excellent. 

I am resolving to change up our schedule once school starts – Will is going to complete his homework in the afternoons so we can still have some family time after dinner.

What are your favorite activities to share as a family? I’d love to hear from you!



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